Pbs.org/activate roku

pbs.org/activate roku

Activate Pbs.org On Roku

So, You are trying to activate your pbs app on your roku device. Well If you talk about the activation process it is very simple and straight forward, However sometimes for non tech savy users it becomes a bit challenging. So in order to help them we decided to create this guide which gives you steps on activating pbs on roku using pbs.org/activate roku. Lets get right into it.

1. Open Pbs App On Your Roku Device

Ater You have Powered on Your Roku, You need to find the Pbs app and then press ok. You will be presented with a pbs activation code on the roku screen.

2. Copy Pbs Activation Code Displayed On The Screen

Once the code is displayed on the roku screen, you need to copy it and then get ready for the next step.

3. Go To pbs.org/activate roku

Now keeping the activation code handy, Go to your computer or a mobile device. Open a web browser such as google chrome and type pbs.org/activate in the address bar. Once you do that successfully you will be routed to pbs activatation page which will activate pbs on your roku.

4. Enter Pbs Activation Code

The pbs activation page will ask you for the 6 digit alphanuric code. Once you have entered the 6 digit activation code you will be routed to the account creation screen

5. Sign Into Pbs Account

Great, now you only have to sign into the pbs platform and the pbs service will be activated on your roku device. You can use your google or facebook account to login into pbs service, If you dont have both you can click " Create One Here " To create a new account for pbs service

Pbs Successfully Activated on Roku

If you have followed the above steps carefully then congralutations you have successfully activated pbs on your roku. You can now watch all the content of pbs comfortably on your roku without any worries. If however if encountered any issues while activating pbs service on roku you can always contact our support team at the number provided below and we will be more than happy to help you with the roku activation process.