Xanax for Depression & Anxiety, Save your Mental Health


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Xanax for Depression & Anxiety, Save your Mental Health

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Xanax is a trusted and exceptionally well known intervention of the benzodiazepine family to control tension issues. It is the marked variant of Alprazolam which follows up on specific synapses in the mind to control apprehensions and conduct. Medical services specialists likewise endorse this drug in other ailments, for example, alarm assaults and constant restlessness. It is promoted as tablets and oral arrangement.

Know About Xanax

Benzodiazepine , is a type of drug commonly known as Xanax. This drug is usually used by patients who are suffering from short term anxiety problems and panic disorders.

Xanax mainly helps in relieving anxiety. But in this article we will find out whether it's safe to use Xanax if you are planning to get pregnant or during pregnancy.

Is Xanax safe to take during pregnancy?

No , Xanax is not safe to consume during pregnancy. The FDA has categorized this drug in category D during pregnancies which means it can cause severe damage to the pregnancy.

During the first trimester

Taking Xanax during the first 3 months of your pregnancy can raise the risk of birth defects in your baby. These defects generally include cleft lip and palate or other serious problems which intern harm the baby's looks or other functions of his/her body for the rest of their life.

During the second and third trimester

Consuming Xanax during months 4 to 9 of pregnancy can cause withdrawal symptoms in your new born baby. In some research studies the new born babies were also found with problems like breathing , dehydration and trouble eating on their own.

Some onset problems with taking Xanax this late in the pregnancy has also lead to floppy infant syndrome. This means weak muscles of your new born baby along with a low Apgar score. Apgar score is usually referred to a measurement of the physical condition of your baby. A low score can trigger can more problems for the infant like unstable body temperature , breathing issues and abnormal heart rate.

Addiction and withdrawal of Xanax

The federal government has regulated the use of Xanax because of its easy addiction and painful withdrawal. It is a Schedule 4 controlled substance which can cause emotional or physical addiction even when used as prescribed. The following are some of the withdrawal symptoms of Xanax

  • Seizures
  • Vomiting
  • Mood Changes
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Nausea
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Tremors

These withdrawal symptoms can last upto a few weeks and in some cases even months. To safely deal with anxiety during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor.

Alternatives to Xanax

As mentioned earlier if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant , you should consult your doctor for any kind of anxiety problems rather than taking Xanax.

There are other medications available in different drug class that your doctor can prescribe you to deal with anxiety problems during pregnancy. For example drugs like Prozac and Lexapro which are also known as SSRIs ( selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are much safer to use during pregnancy.

Some doctors also may suggest cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This is a form of therapy in which people generally talk to a therapist to get relief from anxiety problems and panic disorders.

Anxiety and Pregnancy

As mentioned earlier, you should definitely avoid taking Xanax during pregnancy. However, you should make sure to get a treatment for anxiety. Having a new born kid is a priceless experience for many parents but it can also increase the amount of stress in your life. So make sure you find an alternative method to deal with your anxiety with the help of your doctor.

Anxiety disorders if left untreated can cause serious problems for pregnant women. For instance, you may start eating poorly or may turn to other coping habits like smoking or drinking. These behaviors could cause problems to the unborn child.

You should consult with your doctor to learn more about Xanax , it's affects during pregnancy and other alternatives to solve your anxiety problems.